A Social Media Post About Stuff That's Annoying Me on Social Media

  1. Snide remarks about artists' and comedians' failure to prevent a Trump presidency
    Since when is it an artist's job to make history go the way you want it to? If a piece of art or entertainment has ever given you solace, or inspired you, or even just gave you the relief you needed before going back to whatever it is you were put on this earth to do - you can't turn around and say, "The creative arts are useless." Entertainment MATTERS. This shouldn't have to be said in a country that just elected an entertainer to its highest office.
  2. Posts amounting to: "Hey, liberals, this is all YOUR fault!"
    I'm all for self-criticism, especially after such a crushing disappointment. But casting broad blame on liberals is an insult to those who worked hard for the Clinton campaign or carved time out of their busy schedules to vote. I'm not referring to myself here. I was able to mail in my ballot, thus avoiding the long lines and voter intimidation. My volunteer efforts paled in comparison to some of the people I met. Their willingness to turn fear into action should animate us going forward.
  3. Posts deriding other people's ways of taking action
    I think, as long as you aren't threatening or hurting anyone, any way you are protesting the election results is fine. If you find a cool protest or petition or charity fund, I want to hear about it, even if I decide not to participate. I can also respect taking no action & going back to normal. The election didn't tick off the items on anyone's to-do list or pay anyone's bills, and carrying on may be some people's only option. It's a better use of time than putting down other people's efforts.