Are These Writer-Characters From TV/Movies Actually Good Writers?

Other characters might say they're good but do we buy it?
  1. Gil from Midnight in Paris - bad writer
    He writes an incredibly overwrought paragraph about nostalgia, gets one note from Gertrude Stein, and suddenly he's the voice of two generations. Did. Not. Buy. It.
  2. Jesse from the Before trilogy - good writer
    I know it's more accurate to say that Richard Linklater is a good writer but Jesse's speech to Celine in Before Midnight is beautiful.
  3. Sarah Braverman from Parenthood - good writer
    The play she wrote seemed warm and watchable (like Parenthood itself).
  4. Noah Solloway from The Affair - okay writer
    I put him on the level of E.L. James - titillating, sellable, not exactly "good."
  5. Ginger Foutley from As Told By Ginger - good writer
    Hey that poem she wrote that made everyone think she was suicidal gave me chills, and she was only thirteen.
  6. Bill Dixon from In a Lonely Place - good writer
    But maybe I just love the movie so much I want to believe it.
  7. Lloyd Richards from All About Eve - bad writer
    But then again I also love this movie but "Aged in Wood" is the most boring title ever.
  8. Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl - good writer
    Hear me out: part of good writing is inhabiting different voices, and he fooled everyone into thinking he was a teenaged girl for years.
  9. Serena Van Der Woodson from Gossip Girl - horrible, horrible writer
    Remember when she suddenly became a blogger and everyone was like "Serena's such a good writer" and "Serena's so funny" when there was NO indication up until then that this was part of her character? I do.
  10. Jamie from Love Actually - bad writer
    I think he wants to marry a woman who doesn't speak English so she won't realize he's a bad writer. (Thanks @kate81 for reminding me about him!)