@BookClub, we meet again.
  1. One-Eyed King
    It's about Erasmus, who I know nothing about and that makes me feel dumb, so I'll see it. Plus Mathilde deems it "sexy," so okay!
  2. Grimoire
    We know nothing about it except that it was good enough to make Mathilde do him on the spot. Okay!
  3. Eleanor of Aquitane
    Another historical figure I know nothing about and that makes me feel dumb. It also made Denton Thrasher, Lotto's childhood Svengali, cry, so...okay!
  4. The House in the Grove
    Southern boy brings home the wrong sort of gal to meet his mama. Always makes for good theatre and I liked the excerpt. I'd be curious whether Lotto expands the character based on Mathilde to make her more than the "sullen goddess."
  5. Ice in the Bones
    I like a good boys-in-an-elite-prep-school story (If..., History Boys, Dead Poets Society).
  6. Antigonad
    The show we know the most about. It sounds like an intense night of theatre. I'm curious but I'd have to really, really be in the mood for it. Apropos of nothing, I picture Go looking like Linda Hamilton at the beginning of Terminator 2.
  7. Walls, Ceilings, Floor/Last Sip/Grace (the trilogy of the dispossessed)
    A family loses their house, a soldier returns from Afghanistan. Sound relevant and important. Again, though, I'd have to really be in the mood to feel depressed.
  8. Eschatology
    What's that mean? I don't know. Phoebe Delmar liked it. Maybe.
  9. Hamlin in Winter
    It's about how much Lotto wants kids and it made Lotto's family cry. Maybe.
  10. Ship of Fools
    A post-apocalyptic Grey Gardens, which is interesting but I'd be thinking about how much Lotto hurt Antoinette with his portrayal of her.
  11. The Bats
    Lotto attempts to seem like less of a misogynist by basing a murderer on his long-suffering wife. Might skip this one.
  12. Telegony
    Music, dance, film, masks...sounds a shade too zany for me. I'll pass.
  13. Islands
    A play about three Caribbean hotel maids. Judging by that panel later in the book, I'm guessing Lotto is a bit tone deaf when writing female characters. Pass. (And oh-my-God-the-dog that panel. Is he aware that plenty of great female writers also produced children? I don't even have to hear Mathilde's side to know he's an asshole.)
  14. Gacy
    A real-life murderer sings jaunty tunes. Hey Lotto: Sondheim already did that with Assassins and frankly I'm not even a fan of Assassins so this one gets a big Passpassins.