Fates and Furies List: The Characters' Favorite Woody Allen Movies

It's been fun, @BookClub!
  1. Lotto - Midnight in Paris
    He likes to think that Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein would totally want to hang out with him, too. He also has a thing for French girls (though who wouldn't go for Marion Cotillard).
  2. Mathilde - Bullets Over Broadway
    She relates to the gangster who writes the play without taking credit and quietly enjoys the fact that a woman steals the show.
  3. Chollie - Match Point
    Not a big Woody Allen fan, but that scene in the rain with Scarlett Johansson is pretty hot. And he likes that the guy just kills her as soon as she gets annoying.
  4. Antoinette - Blue Jasmine
    Shows what a life of abandonment and disappointment does to a woman.
  5. Leo - Stardust Memories
    Shows what a life of fame and success does to a man.
  6. Sallie - Hannah and her Sisters
    She can get behind the idea that it's hard to keep a family together but it's worth it.
  7. Rachel - Vicky Christina Barcelona
    Just likes it is all.
  8. The Private Investigator - Zelig
    Certainly not down on Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but how can she not love a movie about a shapeshifter who always blends in with the crowd?
  9. Natalie - Annie Hall
    She's described as wearing Doc Martens so she'd probably be into the Annie Hall look (and the narrative about a woman finding the confidence to pursue her art).
  10. Samuel - Crimes and Misdemeanors
    Bad things happen to good people and vice versa. To him, it's the only fucking honest movie Allen ever did.
  11. Bridget - Purple Rose of Cairo
    A woman falls for a beautiful actor who abandons her. So 😩 but so REAL!!!
  12. Danica - Manhattan Murder Mystery
    I get the sense she knows what it's like to be a Manhattan housewife desperate for excitement.
  13. Land - Broadway Danny Rose
    He knows what it's like to never quite make it on Broadway. Plus, if he's into Mathilde, he's probably also into Mia Farrow in this movie (pictured).
  14. Susannah - Radio Days
    She likes the story about the pretty ditz who becomes a star.
  15. Ariel - Manhattan
    Makes him feel less guilty about keeping a teenaged mistress.
  16. Gwennie - Manhattan
    But she likes that the teenaged girl is smarter than everyone else.
  17. Mathilde's Uncle - Bananas
    Why? Who knows? The man was a mystery.