Nobel prize winner & the realist chick in Canada
  1. Title story of "The Love of a Good Woman"
    First story I read. I was 14 and thought I was god's gift to literature. Then I read this and thought, "Wait, THAT'S good writing."
  2. "Chance" from Runaways
    Still remember this description of the heroine, a classics scholar: "In the town where she grew up her sort of intelligence was often put in the same category as a limp or an extra thumb, and people had been quick to point out the expected accompanying drawbacks - her inability to run a sewing machine or tie up a neat parcel, or notice that her slip was showing."
  3. "Axis"
    I listened to Lauren Groff read this for a New Yorker podcast. It's about two college girls in the 1950s. A glimpse into another time through familiar experiences, like bringing a boyfriend home to meet the parents.
  4. "Haven"
    Read it in a New Yorker issue. A 13-year-old girl goes to live with her uncle and his subservient wife, who Munro depicts with subtlety and humor but not condescension.