When I read these, I feel like that kid hiding a comic book behind a textbook in Chutes and Ladders
  1. "The Duke in his Domain" by Truman Capote
    A profile of Marlon Brando, who's fascinating, weird, and funny (sometimes intentionally and sometimes not). Read it and you can officially tell your friends you've read Capote!
  2. "Julia Roberts's Smile" by Anthony Lane
    A witty and clear-sighted (but not cruel) examination of "the goddess who wants to be your friend."
  3. "Funny Like a Guy" by Tad Friend
    Works as a winning profile of Anna Faris (in her pre-Mom days) and a dissection of the role of funny women in Hollywood.
  4. "The Little Tramp" by Emily Nussbaum
    Another great article about women in comedy, centered around Amy Schumer. @emilynussbaum I want "Whoo girl" to be the new "basic bitch."
  5. "Anne Hathaway: In Defense of the Happy Girl" by Sasha Weiss
    A neat theory on why we were all down on Anne Hathaway for a while back then, remember?