Favorite Old-Timey Synonyms for "Attractive"

  1. Rare
    Frequently used in Shakespeare plays to describe a character who is oh-my-god-balls-to-the-wall hot. E.g Agrippa declares Cleopatra on the barge to be a "rare Egyptian."
  2. Handsome
    I think there was a time when describing a woman as handsome just meant she was attractive and not attractive-in-a-kind-of-mannish way. E.g. Jane Austen's Emma is described as "handsome, clever, and rich."
  3. Pulchritudinous
    FYI the SAT no longer features obscure vocabulary questions, so people who know what this word means are going extinct. Too bad. Any guy can call you "hot" but a guy who sets aside time to call you "pulchritudinous" is IN IT.