1. What if I don't like the instructor? What if she's smug or judge-y or so fit I get jealous of her?
    I lucked out here. My instructor was cool. Her voice was low and earthy like Lauren Bacall's. She told us not to stress ourselves out if we don't 100% clear our minds. She was pregnant, and I found it inspiring that she could be so calm with so much happening inside of her. I tried to mimic her pregnant belly when I was inhaling.
  2. What if I get cold/hot/hungry/nauseous?
    I brought a sweatshirt in case it got cold but I ended up just wearing a t-shirt. Plus they had blankets. And I ate some peanut butter and crackers two hours before and didn't have any troubles so I guess that's an ideal pre-meditation snack.
  3. What if the experience is so powerful I start crying in front of a bunch of strangers?
    Okay, this one kind of almost did happen. A thought snuck up on me that made me tear up a little, but at that moment the instructor reminded us to focus on our breath and that stopped the tears.
  4. What if the opposite happens and I get nothing out of it? Then what? Do I give up? Do I waste more time and money only to further stress myself out?
    It's too soon to say what I got out of it. I can say I was never bored during the session. At the end, the instructor told us: "Memorize this feeling of stillness." I'm trying not to lose that memory.