Note that I'm unfamiliar with Jewish holidays (to the amusement of my closest friends) but I'm actually curious if you have any insight.
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    New Year's Eve
    A party where it's rude to leave before a certain time. What extroverted sadist dreamed this up???
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    Fourth of July
    Cons: "Dear god, will this barbecue never end?" Pros: "🎆! Yippee! Everyone look up and shut up!"
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    Depends on comfort level with family. Hurt by social pressure to hang out all day because why'd you say you were thankful for me if you don't want to hang out all the time 😢(😑)
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    Again, depends on comfort level with family. Helped by the fact that there are other activities besides talking to each other (e.g. Watching holiday movies, playing with your new treasures).
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    MASSIVELY helped by the fact that "I'm just gonna stay in and watch scary movies" is a legit excuse.
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    Mother's Day
    She said something about a Sunday brunch buffet 😬
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    Father's Day
    Nah, he just wants to watch some golf ⛳️
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    Valentine's Day
    No parties. No mediocre dates. Just you, some heart-shaped confections, and your S.O./closest single friends/❤️self❤️.