If Westworld Episodes Were Named Like Friends Episodes (SPOILERS)

  1. Ep. 1 - The One Where You Signed Up For This Shit
  2. Ep. 2 - The One Where the Guy With the Guinea Pig From "House of Cards" Picks a Hat
  3. Ep. 3 - The One Where We Hope You Like Backstories!
  4. Ep. 4 - The One With The Girl With The Snake Tattoo (aka A Literal Backstory)
  5. Ep. 5 - The One Where a Bunch of Non-speaking Extras Rub Up Against Each Other
  6. Ep. 6 - The One Where the Whores Awaken
  7. Ep. 7 - The One Where Theresa Feels the Bern
  8. Ep. 8 - The One Where A Woman Decides to Give Directing a Try, All Hell Breaks Loose
  9. Ep. 8 - The One Where It's Also Important to Note (I Guess) That the Big Guys With Masks From Game of Thrones Stop By
  10. Ep. 9 - The One Where This Douchebag Gets His Face Slashed Even Though We've Seen Guests Survive Gun Fights Without A Scratch But the Real Question is Why Am I Still Watching?
  11. Ep. 10 - The One With the Old Guy Who's More Obsessed With Mazes Than A Nine-Year-Old With a Highlights Magazine Subscription
  12. Ep. 10 - The One Where Dolores Talks to Herself Before Before Shooting a Bunch of People Like a Psychopath But I Guess We're Happy She's "Woke"?
  13. Ep. 10 - The One Where That Guy From House of Cards Decides He'd Like a New Hat