My Favorite Childhood Computer Games

  1. Nancy Drew Computer Games
    You solve mysteries as America's favorite sassy detective. I spent my breaks from school playing these with my dad and older sister. They are a permanent part of my family's inside joke canon. I would honestly have trouble hating anyone who loved these games.
  2. Where In the USA is Carmen Sandiego
    You run around the country in search of Sandiego's employees and, eventually, the lady herself. Another mystery game I played with my sister. We will never forget the phrase "By the size of her belt, I could tell she was svelte" (not gonna bother giving context - you just had to have played it).
  3. Starfire Soccer Challenge
    Although in real life I was no more a soccer player than I was an amateur sleuth, I think this was the best Purple Moon game. Maybe because it starred quirky, clumsy Ginger instead of that basic bitch Rockett. Maybe because the mini games were challenging but fun. Maybe because the decisions were genuinely difficult - I literally spent hours debating whether to spy on the rival team with Sharla or go to the movies with Arrow.
  4. The American Girl Premiere
    You use American Girl characters to perform plays. You can even have them say dialogue in a robotic computer voice! If I ever win an Emmy for TV writing, I will have to give this game a thorough thanks, even if it means rushing through my family and representation while the exit music plays.
  5. The MyScene Computer Game
    You live in Manhattan and do odd jobs (like design clothes) to make money, which you exclusively spend on clothes, makeup, and jewelry, which you wear to glamorous parties you attend with your gal pals. I both love and hate this game for making me think this way of life existed.