I've heard these ads too many times not to Li.st about them (even though I still don't 100% know what Nationwide is).
  1. Leslie Odom, Jr.
    Sometimes this ad'll come on when I'm listening to my Discovery Playlist and I'll think "I like this song - I should add it to my main playlist." I love this ad. I love seeing Aaron Burr be light-hearted and cool. I love the old people dancing. I may just have to buy a Nationwide.
  2. Rachel Platten
    I don't know who this nice lady is, but she has a sweet voice and she looks like Julia from Parenthood. The bumbling father braiding his daughter's hair is cute, even though I have no idea how Nationwide can help him with that.
  3. Brad Paisley
    This one sucks. Paisley phones it in. There's a lame "man cave" joke and a lame "RVs are hard to drive" joke. I run to mute my computer as soon as it comes on. Nationwide, I don't even want you on my side if you consider this a good effort.