Next Steps for Hozier

Is his manager on this app? I have ideas.
  1. Play the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE on NBC
    He can sing and he looks like a sexy, troubled Jesus. NBC is really leaving money on the table here.
  2. Make a cameo in a comedy movie as a minor non-singing character
    A la Josh Groban in Crazy Stupid Love or Paul Simon in Annie Hall. I want to see his playful side.
  3. Cover a Sesame Street/Muppets song
    A la Cake with "Mahna Mahna" or Andrew Bird with "Bein' Green." "Rubber Duckie" would really show that playful side.
  4. Write a song and not tell anyone who it's about
    A la Carly Simon or Alanis Morissette. Then it turns out it's about his cat or his waffle iron or something. Again, the playful side, Hozier. Let it free.
  5. Be at the same Whole Foods I'm at in 20 years
    "Lookoverthereit'sHozier," I quickly whisper to my niece. "Who?" she asks. "Hozier." "Who-zier?" "He played Jes-- never mind." She's too young. Later, in the pastry section, I hear him quietly singing "Bake me to church" to himself. I smile. That playful side.