Other Disney Princesses Matched With Colleges

A man finishes what he starts. (Ivy League Schools Matched With Disney Princesses)
  1. Snow White - Vassar
    Just going off experience. Everyone I know who went to Vassar is super nice and Snow White-esque.
  2. Pocahontas - Georgetown
    The only princess who cares about international politics.
  3. Esmeralda - UC Berkeley
    The school of social justice warriors (even though yeah I know the people who protested Milo Yiannopoulus weren't affiliated with the school, okay? You're not the only one who reads the news). I could see her organizing an Occupy Cal protest and then dancing on a table at a bar when the Bears win.
  4. Megara - Northwesten
    Her eyes are purple (Northwestern's school color) and full of humor, Northwestern gave us Stephen Colbert, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and Seth Meyers.
  5. Elsa - Wellesley
    She don't need no men. And Wellesley churns out the power-hungry blondes - Hilary Clinton, yes, as well as Madeleine Albright and Cokie Roberts. I like lists where you learn stuff and see pictures of Elsa looking thirsty and I hope you do too.
  6. Anna - Wesleyan
    All about that quirk. Plus Lin-Manuel Miranda went there and I'm sure many a girl has said "Anna from Frozen IS me and I'm obsessed with Hamilton!"