1. Twitter
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    It's like a newspaper designed by you. Great for writers. Incidentally, you can follow me at @jennamartin14.
  2. Facebook
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    Who doesn't like friends? Who doesn't like events? Who doesn't like liking things they like? A little more irritating than Twitter and the content is less compelling (sorry, dear friends).
  3. Pinterest
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    I like the idea of having all my favorite recipes and wish list items in one place. I also like My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler. But if e.g. I want a dress, why would I tell other people about it? So it will sell out before I can buy it or become ubiquitous, thus making my style less unique?
  4. Instagram
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    Two of the purest joys in life are A) not worrying about what you look like and B) eating a meal while it's still hot, and I feel like Instagram intrudes on both.
  5. Google+
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