Note: There are a bunch of dramas I haven't watched (e.g. The Americans) because if I did I wouldn't have time to make lists like these, you feel?
  1. Snow White - American Horror Story
    You laugh, but I suspect the numerous and violent attempts on her life gave her a secret fucked up side
  2. Cinderella - Downton Abbey
    If it was still on, I would've gone with MadMen. Don, Peggy, Megan - Cinderella stories galore. And abusive stepmothers galore.
  3. Aurora - Game of Thrones
    One word: 🐲
  4. Ariel - Masters of Sex
    Well she sure couldn't write for Jane the Virgin. Slut.
  5. Belle - Homeland
    She knows what it's like to have everyone think you're crazy when you're just trying to catch a terrorist/read a book
  6. Jasmine - Orange is the New Black
    Aladdin is, in a way, about a sheltered, privileged woman who hooks up with a criminal
  7. Pocahontas - Mr. Robot
    The one who'd have the most to say about corporate America, like how it used her image for a magical hair doll
  8. Mulan - Quantico
    A bunch of trainees. Each of them has a secret. Men and women frequently showering with each other.
  9. Tiana - Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Good Wife
    Really, any workplace drama since she's the only one who, you know, works for a living
  10. Elsa & Anna - Empire
    Siblings with a complicated relationship, one of them struggles with her sexuality-- er, her freezy ice powers