As in "That Syria brief was TLDR. What's Putin think?"
  2. TBT
    As in "TBT to a time when things were great. America was great, I was great, you were great, dads were great, everyone was great!"
  3. FOMO
    As in "Can my kids have security clearance? I want to spare them any FOMO."
  4. POS
    But it stands for "Paul Ryan over shoulder," as in "We gotta hold off on the locker room talk cuz POS 🙄."
  5. IDK
    He has no political experience and a lot to do so he might as well save time and abbreviate.
  6. BBW
    Barron told him it means "big, beautiful wall" as a prank.
  7. SMH
    But he thinks it means "so much huge," as in "My hands are SMH and they're not the only things that are SMH."
  8. IMHO
    Again, he thinks the "H" means "huge" and "opinion" means "fact."
  9. THOT
    Oh he knows what it means 😉...ugh.