#TryPod (aka My Favorite Podcasts)

#TryPod is a monthlong campaign to promote podcast awareness. If we women have to share our awareness month with anyone, I'd want it to be podcasts!
  1. Come Out, Come Out
    A wonderful new podcast where comedienne Mo Welch invites gay comedians, artists, and other cool people to tell their coming out stories. She's taught me that coming out stories are 10x more interesting than first kiss stories and 1000x more interesting than "first time I got, like, really drunk" stories. (Also Mo is my sister's fiancée 👍)
  2. You Must Remember This
    "The podcast about the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood's first century." I have gone on trips to the grocery store for one thing just so I have an excuse to listen to this podcast.
  3. On the Media
    My token "weekly news roundup" podcast. Does a good job of deconstructing both what's happening and how the mainstream media has responded.
  4. Dead Authors Podcast
    Paul F. Tompkins (pretending to be HG Wells) interviews comedians pretending to be other dead authors. I list my faves here: Favorite Dead Authors Podcast Episodes
  5. Remarkable Lives, Tragic Deaths
    A podcast about historical figures who lived remarkably & died tragically. I like to use it to learn about people I honestly don't know much about (like Blackbeard or Amelia Earhart).
  6. Serial Killers
    Same people who do RLTD but it's about serial killers...I think that either calls to you or it doesn't 🤷🏼‍♀️