Unanswered Questions From Last Night's Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

  1. Why didn't we see any scenes from this gang's journey to the wall?
    Game of Thrones loves an "on the road" story (e.g. Arya and the Hound). What did Sansa and Brienne talk about? What sweet/awkward moments did Sansa and Podrick have together? Guess we'll have to wait for the DVD extras.
  2. Are we supposed to be excited about a falcon?
    We're in a land of dragons and ravens that are as reliable as Gmail. But, hey, great, a falcon. Happy nameday, weirdo.
  3. Why was Ramsay Bolton eating an apple like this?
    The nutrients are in the skin! Is he making a pie? Am I the one who's been eating apples all wrong?
  4. Is Tormund (aka that ginger wildling) going to hook up with Brienne?
    The whole "everyone must be married by series' end" thing is more Downton Abbey than Game of Thrones. But, hey, if Brienne's into it, why not? She's earned it.
  5. Why doesn't Daenerys use her fire power more often?
    If I were Jorah, I'd be less "I bow to you, my queen" and more "Why is 'burn that shit down' never our Plan A?"