Flattered @veshecco picked my suggestion. Guess I better do one m'self...
  1. First kiss
    I was 13 and a hopeless romantic. I was at a cast party and everyone was teasing the boy I had a crush on (he was the lead FYI), saying he should kiss me until he said "You know what? I will." Maybe it's cliche or mundane, but I had a real sense before and after of "This is it. I've been waiting for this forever and it's happening."
  2. Getting into college
    After the question of when I would have my first kiss was solved, my next obsession was "where will I go to college?" The moment I got into college was not only a thrilling moment for my family and me, it was also when I stopped trying to mold myself into the perfect college applicant and began figuring out who I really was.
  3. Realizing I need to write or I get depressed
    This is a subtler moment. I was head writer of my college's comedy news show. We had gone on "hiatus" for winter break. I was walking around campus, feeling a little depressed even though nothing bad was happening. I realized I just missed writing jokes for the show. I don't think I realized this moment was significant at the time, but I keep going back to it to remind myself I need to have a writing project in order to feel okay.
  4. First night in my first apartment
    The details here are ordinary - I met a friend for drinks at Jones (which remains my favorite neighborhood bar), ate a bowl of cereal (Shredded Wheat), and went to sleep. It wasn't the first time I'd lived away from home, but there's nothing like beginning to build a life without parents or school to structure you.
  5. Acting in my first play when I was six (oh my god is she circling back?!)
    I was the Fairy Godmother in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I entered a minute after my cue I was so scared. I ended up being a theatre kid until college, when I switched to writing, but the love of doing something creative with like-minded people stuck around. Also I'm still a closet musical theatre dork 🤓