What's your favorite song on Father John Misty's Pure Comedy?

Mine's a little cliche so I'm curious which one struck a chord with you
  1. Ballad of the Dying Man
    The first five seconds always suck me in. The lyrics skewer the target (self-righteous liberal trolls) cleverly and compassionately. I love that it's very FJM but with a dash of Billy Joel.
  2. Pure Comedy / Leaving LA / Total Entertainment Forever
    The first is what I think is the most stunning achievement. The second is the one I'm most into right now. The third makes me the happiest (the chorus)
    Suggested by   @bjnovak
  3. Total Entertainment Forever / A Bigger Paper Bag
    Suggested by   @ladygoggog
  4. So I'm Growing Old On Magic Mountain
    The soothing melody would be enough to lull me to sleep if it weren't for the chills I get when listening to the lyrics. Words about getting older, words about losing touch with the wild, exciting life you once lived in exchange for a secure future - and then the instrumentals at the end. Makes me feel like I've somehow grown a wizened beard and started doling out proverbs to anyone who gives me a nickel.
    Suggested by   @mygrains