1. Candle Delirium
    "You give people candles? Seriously? Have you seen that SNL sketch with Emma Stone—" Yes. "Because there's this one part where Aidy Bryant sings—" Uh huh, I saw it, you don't have to recite it to me. And who cares, I love this place. The people who work there are nice and I love sniffing the sample candles until I find one I want to have surgically attached to my nose.
  2. Samuel French Film & Theatre Bookshop
    Do you have a friend who is an actor, director, writer, or just a general fan of the performance arts? If not, check Google Maps to make sure you're actually in Los Angeles. If so, this charming bookstore has practical guides, cool biographies, and fancy-looking coffee table books about Broadway. Fun to browse in if you're a theatre geek.
  3. BevMo
    Good place to find fancy versions of a friend's drink of choice, and a BevMo gift card is more fun than an Amazon gift card if she's a "gift card caliber" friend.