I recently rescued a kitten, and I named her Phoebe. She's literally the sweetest cat of all time, and has a great personality. But she's an odd ball. And she doesn't exactly know how to act like a cat.
  1. She isn't graceful
    Like a bull in a china shop. Or a new born baby giraffe.
  2. She comes when she's called
    Seriously. It's weird. We just have to say her name a few times and there she is.
  3. She likes her belly rubbed
    And she won't attack your hand! She will just start purring.
  4. She sleeps like this
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  5. And she sleeps like this
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  6. She will play fetch
    Seriously. She will get her stuff and bring it back to you.
  7. She doesn't meow
    She squeaks a lot. But we have only heard her meow like twice.