A list of the nightmares that always pop up.
  1. Repeating School
    Even before I started back at grad school, I always would get these nightmares that an administrator or someone would tell me I had to repeat school. And it wasn't even always college or high school. Sometimes I would have dreams that I would have to go back to Jr High or elementary school. Those were the worst.
  2. Tsunami
    Legitimately a terrifying dream. I have a nightmare where a tsunami comes my way, crashes me into a rock, and then I wake up. Awful dream. I hate this dream so much.
  3. Missing assignments/test/class
    For some reason I have this nightmare where I forgot I registered for a class and now I'm failing. Or I forgot an assignment or test. For a perfectionist like me, this dream is horrid.
  4. Reality Television Contestant
    I've seriously have dreams where people have forced me to be on a reality show. I wake up feeling sick and nervous. Why? Why would someone do that?