It's November which means these questions are right around the corner.
  1. Are you dating anybody?
    First question always asked. I get to smile and shake my head no, while reassuring them that I DO date people, and I'm not a Boo Radley, all while trying to turn to the conversation to my awesome trip to Australia to convince them that I really am okay being single.
  2. Where do you work?
    "Ummm...nowhere at the moment. I quit my job to go back to school." This will lead to me explaining my reasoning for a good 10 minutes. All while they look at me with a slight skeptical look.
  3. How old are you again?
    Inevitably my relatives that I see once a year will ask how old I am. This will lead to me reminding them that I'm almost 30 thus making me feel more awkward about questions 1 and 2.