Things I do that keep me from my favorite activity: Sleep
  1. Reading
    A good book can have me up all night. Sometimes you just can't put it down.
  2. Binge watching Netflix
    Just one more episode....
  3. YouTube videos
    (7:30pm) "oh I will just watch a couple more videos before bed" ......(11 hours later). "Why am I watching a goat on a trampoline? How did I get here? Is that sun?"
  4. My brain won't shut off
    Brain: it's bed time, do you want to stress about all you have to do tomorrow? Me: no!!!! Brain: How about reliving that one time you fell in front of that cute boy in 8th grade? Me: Please no! Brain:.....what about thinking of dying alone. Me: Ahhhh!!!!!!!
  5. Hanging out with friends
    I usually start by saying I don't want to stay out to late....then crashing on the couch around 2am...