Today marks the one year anniversary of purchasing my late cactus, here are some kindergarten-level rhymes in its honor
  1. The moment I saw you in the humid flower shop I knew
  2. You stood out in a sea of strange flowers, succulents, and plastic covered in dew
  3. Sure, I used you and your cohorts for an Instagram pic
  4. But of all the deformed looking desert plants it was with you I would click
  5. You kind of looked like a mutant's mitten
  6. I picked out a quirky pot and went home feeling smitten
  7. It'll be easy, everyone knows they never die
  8. I didn't know it then, but this promise was a lie
  9. I put you on my nightstand by the window - there you stood tall
  10. Days and weeks passed and soon your limbs began to fall
  11. I followed all the rules, but together we broke apart
  12. I've removed your spikes from my fingers, but they'll never leave my heart (ow)
  13. Fin🌵
  14. Miss you cactus, sorry I let you die