A silver linings playbook of sorts
  1. Drunk
  2. On live television
  3. Via snapchat
    3... 2... 1... Wait what
  4. With free overnight shipping
  5. With a side of fries
    Sweet potato $1 extra, but helpful
  6. In a carefully encrypted code
  7. In a New York Times crossword puzzle
  8. In a helicopter
  9. In latte art
  10. Make someone nicer do it
  11. Quietly in a dark movie theater
  12. Nicely wrapped and adorned with a bow
  13. By carrier pigeon
  14. Written in icing on a cake
    At least there's cake
  15. On one knee
  16. Through song
  17. On a post-it note
    À la Berger
  18. While white water rafting
  19. On a special occasion
    The bigger the better
  20. But in all seriousness...
    Gently please, and bring tissues because chances are I'm already crying