With brief summaries based on strange, nearly incomprehensible notes I wrote in the middle of the night.
  1. Pete Wentz
    We met up in a mall food court, a setting I enjoy. Otherwise uneventful.
  2. Simon Cowell
    He got me into a Halloween party. Later my mom showed up and made steak for everyone.
  3. French Montana
    We were at a party and he was sketching flowers in a notepad.
  4. Harry Styles
    Hung out in a furniture store. It was fun, but I'm not looking for anything serious right now. He also shared his opinion on reheated French fries (kind of gross and disappointing - we have a lot in common).
  5. Miley Cyrus
    We both turned into horses and raced. Winner was never determined, but I feel like it was me.
  6. Zac Efron
    We went to the movies, played beer pong, and ate pancakes. Unsure if we spoke, but I think it was a nice time.
  7. Lady Gaga
    We were both modeling in Zac Posen's NYFW show. I was wearing a cool jacket. Some models drove off a cliff. Things got dark quickly, but Gaga was really chill about the whole thing.
  8. Jamie Lee Curtis
    She asked me about my Oscar predictions and had similar opinions. I told her she was taller than I expected.