Free ideas for anyone looking to change the world and/or inspire a generation through film.
  1. A look into the life of a person who shops exclusively at going-out-of-business sales
    Unsure if this person exists, but I'm hopeful.
  2. Chopped Champions: Where Are They Now
    Self explanatory.. Just curious what these people do with their $10,000. Their financial decisions will be commented on and critiqued harshly by the chef judges. Must be narrated by Ted Allen.
  3. A film focused on the work of doctors/experts who are consultants for TV medical dramas
    Whose job is it to make sure Grey's Anatomy remains kind of biologically/scientifically accurate??? How much do they get $$$p@id$$$
  4. A feature length film composed entirely of beauty experts testing drugstore makeup
  5. The investigative story of a girl I went to college with who randomly dropped out, has no internet presence, and seemingly disappeared
    Srsly girl where r u. I have a lot of theories, but would like answers. Try to get some information out of her former sorority sisters.
  6. An expose on what it's like to be the personal assistant of an A-list celeb
  7. The world of juggling through the eyes of a master
    Does this exist? I'd be down to see some really great juggling. Also, I feel like there may be a dark side to the juggling community (I assume there is a juggling community).
  8. One man's mission to win an origami competition
    I used to be really into origami; I sucked at it, but respect the craft. In order for this to come to fruition you may need to begin by holding your own origami competition.
  9. One uninteresting and unconnected young woman's efforts to join the Irish mob
    This one is entirely self serving.