Love/life is a battlefield
  1. Person vs. Fate
    Me vs. my destiny to alienate everyone I know and watch reality TV alone until I die
  2. Person vs. Self
    Me vs. my uncontrollable appetite
  3. Person vs. Person
    Me vs. the girl who beat me up in high school.. Safe to say I lost this one
  4. Person vs. Society
    Me vs. people who don't like guacamole / people who don't understand sarcasm / people who support prejudice / people who comfortably endorse someone who spews hate
  5. Person vs. Nature
    Me vs. bugs - just stay outside where you belong I am BEGGING you
  6. Person vs. Supernatural
    Me vs. the ghosts who refuse to communicate with me no matter how hard I try
  7. Person vs. (Ayo) Technology
    Me vs. Excel
  8. 🎭