Posted as I sit on a flight to Philadelphia waiting eagerly for the identity of 18C to be revealed..
  1. A woman who spent the entire flight filing her nails
    Her nail dust kept flying at me and no matter how harsh a stink face I made she would not quit.
  2. A divorce lawyer with a lot of paperwork who kept bumping my elbow
    He also didn't listen to the flight attendant when she repeatedly told him to turn off his electronic devices. What a jerk.
  3. A woman who made it very clear she did not approve of me reading a BDSM article in Cosmo next to her
    Let me live.
  4. A girl who went to Georgetown and listened to "Sugar, We're Goin Down" by Fall Out Boy
    Seemed in poor taste. We were on a plane... in the sky.
  5. A woman with 20 shopping bags and the world's largest sun hat
    She was the very last person on the flight. I was as close to death as I've ever been after our last night in Vegas and thought the gods had given me the gift of an empty seat next to me... I thought wrong and this giant-hat lady strolled down the aisle sending me straight back to hell. She wore her hat the entire flight, and based on proximity so did I.
  6. The mother of a belligerently drunk middle aged man sitting across the aisle
    "I apologize for my son." Her SON who was probably forty years old and verbally assaulting the flight attendant...
  7. My brother
    Prob the most bonding we've ever done.
  8. A hot guy who complained about a crying baby
    "Are we going to have to listen to this the whole flight?" "Lol idk"
  9. A teenage boy who unknowingly provided comfort when I was panicking and convinced I was going to vomit (plz see: SITUATIONS WHERE I'M SCARED I'M GOING TO THROW UP)
    I genuinely thought my worst nightmare was coming true. This boy kindly ignored my wincing and crying, but also had good energy that made me think he would have been chill about it if I barfed on him.
  10. This list is dedicated to the elusive 18C.. Can't wait to sit next to you and not speak while we soar through the clouds