Spooky vibes
  1. It was in a tiny, sparsely populated town I'd never heard of
  2. The people who worked there were overly friendly and talked in a weird, wise beyond their years sort of tone
  3. There was a little boy who I kept seeing wandering around alone
    Every time I saw him he would say "hello" as if he knew me.......
  4. Each person* I interacted with told me how they come back year after year
  5. There were a lot of quiet abandoned hallways with shelves full of old books
    And they were not distressed for ~aesthetics~ these books were actually just old af
  6. There was a creepy ballroom that felt freezing cold compared to the rest of the hotel
    You know what that means
  7. A random partially completed puzzle was sitting on a table in an otherwise empty room
  8. It is next to a lake
    Lakes are inherently spooky
  9. My dad kept talking about this bartender named Lloyd who didn't exist
  10. I went to the typewriter my dad had been writing his manuscript on to find that he had only written one phrase over and over
  11. I walked in my room and REDRUM was written on the wall in blood
  12. My dad went crazy and started chasing me through a hedge maze until I lost him and took off with my mom on a snowcat