My mind is a scary place with a fun cast of characters!
  1. A guy I saw walking a lot of dogs
    He was in a sea of dogs. Where did he get all these dogs? How difficult was it to walk them all at once? Here is a picture I took from afar. I will never forget this man.
  2. Yoko Ono
    Dying to know how she feels about being a crossword staple.
  3. A really pushy sales guy at a shoe store I went to once
    This man haunts me any time I want to buy shoes, which is often.
  4. The man I see standing waist deep in the ocean fully clothed at least once a week
    He stares out into the distance and is always alone. I'm simultaneously terrified and fascinated. He may be standing out there right now. What is he looking for and isn't he cold?
  5. The girl who never paid me back for the burrito bowl I bought her freshman year of college
  6. The woman who wouldn't let me give her $2 for her coffee when she didn't have cash
    I'm not that good of a person so this was a big deal for me.
  7. Rob Kardashian
    The only Kardashian I consider a stranger. Sincerely worried about his well being.
  8. A woman who was walking and asked me for directions in the middle of a heavily wooded, very out of the way neighborhood
  9. A nice lady who worked at Starbucks
  10. A guy I overheard trying to get into a religious group that caters to recovering addicts?
    I half-eavesdropped half-couldn't avoid hearing this conversation in a Starbucks (not the one the nice lady worked at). I know way more about this person than I ever would have imagined. Sometimes I wonder how his relationship with God is going and whether or not he broke up with Sarah.