i am complaining im sorry i should be grateful i get to go on airplanes but honestly i always have bad luck when theres no parents idk
  1. storms in phoenix will make ur 2 hr flight 4 hrs
  2. u have to sleep in the phoenix airport
  3. the only thing u can eat is paradise (which is literally panera)
  4. u will get to the airport at 6 am to get delayed 4 hrs
  5. the delay will make u wait in the atlanta airport for 3 hrs & have to ride to training camp w 10 other ppl in the back of a 5 person mini van
  6. chick fil a in the atlanta airport doesnt serve milkshakes
    this is more of a psa but i feel like it just adds to the bad airport luck especially bc i had been craving a milkshake for 10 days
  7. ur plane will get a flat tire & everyone will have to get off & u will have to give up the row u had to urself
  8. u will have to wait in the nashville airport for 2 hrs
    honestly would be totally fine w it if i had wifi bc i just want to watch bachelor in paradise