1. take sr pics
    ugh awk
  2. call deb back ✔️ i emailed deb that counts
    and all things to do w the wr
  3. all things to do w the wr
    gets its own bullet now (ministry bio, support letter, fundraising training
  4. call g&g & oma ✔️
  5. video diary from nationals
    for the freshmen
  6. something productive
    all ive done at school today is play the game of set and eat some goldfish
  7. email raven ✔️ go me
    t shirts
  8. sexual abuse training ✔️
    as fun as it sounds
  9. scan passport ✔️
  10. bring address stamp to school ✔️
  11. grad announcements?? idk + support letter
    am i supposed to
  12. ask dad if hes boughten plane tickets ✔️
  13. go to office max ✔️
    sr yr file folder ... just a lil late to the game
  14. mail invites ✔️
    this is turning into a list of things i need to do so im writing them down so i dont forget. thank u list app
  15. email gena or text mckenzie
    either or neither or both