1. that i graduate in 10 days
  2. from high school
  3. and i wont go to school from 8-5 ever again
    unless im a teacher
  4. and im going to leave my house
  5. and my friends
  6. ppl that ive known for the majority of my life
  7. and not see them everyday
  8. and go halfway around the world
  9. to a brand new place
  10. and i wont be in america for 9 months
  11. and meet new ppl
  12. and my friends r all going to dif places
  13. to do dif things
  14. and i can only talk to the ppl on facetime
  15. and then we will only see each other at holidays
  16. and ive only lived like 1/5 of my life so far (hopefully i dont die soon my goal is 100)