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  1. Calvin Ball
  2. Cones of Dunshire
  3. True American
    I don't drink, but I bet I would still be so good at this game.
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This starts pretty far back. But it's all relevant.
  1. When I was in high school, there was a guy we'll call Skywalker.
  2. He liked me. And I wasn't sure.
    He was so nice. But in a way that made me uncomfortable sometimes.
  3. One day at school, he told me he had a dream about me the night before.
    In his dream, we were in bed. "Cuddling." Who knows if that's what we were really doing.
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Hoping it will help me make more lists. Because I love reading them.
  1. My name is Jenna. I look like this.
    (I'm the one with hair.)
  2. My husband's name is Jeremy.
    And he is the coolest person I know. Without a doubt. (He's the one with no hair in the picture above.)
  3. I'm having my first baby in August, or some time thereabouts.
    When I rest my arm on my belly like this, baby girl pushes back. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world, even though I'm sure she's just annoyed at me crowding her out.
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  1. Why are onions in everything?
    They make me cry so hard when I cut them. And cook them. Should I try leaving them out? Do they really affect the flavor that much? (I never leave them out, though. I don't have the guts.)
  2. Why is chicken so slimy and weird looking?
    What are those white things running through? Why do they have to be in the middle and impossible to get out? Do I have enough money to pay someone to do this for me? (That answer is no. And this line of thinking usually effectively stops me from eating the dinner I'm cooking if I go too far...) sometimes replaced with "what part of the beef does ground beef come from" which brings immediate loss of appetite.
  3. Which essential ingredient did I forget at the store this time?
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  1. From my second date with my husband
  2. Heidi Potter
  3. Boots and a green dress
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