Hoping it will help me make more lists. Because I love reading them.
  1. My name is Jenna. I look like this.
    (I'm the one with hair.)
  2. My husband's name is Jeremy.
    And he is the coolest person I know. Without a doubt. (He's the one with no hair in the picture above.)
  3. I'm having my first baby in August, or some time thereabouts.
    When I rest my arm on my belly like this, baby girl pushes back. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world, even though I'm sure she's just annoyed at me crowding her out.
  4. The fact that I will be a parent soon is stressing me out.
    I never thought I would be, so there's a lot of anxiety happening. But I'm also so excited.
  5. I live in Utah.
    I lived in Arizona before that, and Utah before that, and China before that, and lots of places before that. Arizona has the best sky I've ever seen.
  6. I love to read, and write, and watch funny TV shows, and play the piano, and snuggle with my husband.
    I don't love it when people are condescending jerks.
  7. My hair is naturally curly.
    It's a struggle. I'm learning to embrace it.
  8. This is my favorite picture on my phone.
    Me and my grandma, on my wedding day. I miss her like crazy.
  9. And this is my second favorite.
    On our way to Costa Rica last summer. My husband's first airplane ride! He was 31!
  10. And my third favorite.