1. Why are onions in everything?
    They make me cry so hard when I cut them. And cook them. Should I try leaving them out? Do they really affect the flavor that much? (I never leave them out, though. I don't have the guts.)
  2. Why is chicken so slimy and weird looking?
    What are those white things running through? Why do they have to be in the middle and impossible to get out? Do I have enough money to pay someone to do this for me? (That answer is no. And this line of thinking usually effectively stops me from eating the dinner I'm cooking if I go too far...) sometimes replaced with "what part of the beef does ground beef come from" which brings immediate loss of appetite.
  3. Which essential ingredient did I forget at the store this time?
  4. Is it really that bad if I just eat Chipotle for every meal?
    How much would I have to make to afford that? And would I ever get sick of it? I'm betting no.
  5. So. Many. Steps.
    And dishes. Someone should invent disposable pots and pans.
  6. Smells delicious!
    And permeating. I'll be wearing this as perfume until my next shower.
  7. Why does it always smell better than it tastes?
    Could I be pregnant? Is that messing with my smell and taste buds?
  8. No way. There's no way I'm pregnant.
  9. What show was I watching again?
    It's hard to remember cuz I'm usually distracted by my phone.