Inspired by @danrobert - I tend to delete a lot of them but this has so much potential
  1. Freaking out about my cousin meeting a few of the Blueshirts
  2. Nick is the nicest person ever. Also I miss him a lot. This was from our summer living together in the city and it was amazing and I want it back.
  3. Also @joetro22 with an appearance by @ShaShaDilts - the top of the text was from joe "I feel like posting this saying, 'I hope your 21st is better than this one'" referring to a horrible birthday party we all attended. Still unclear on his name.
  4. One of my most proud screenshots
  5. Denise's arch nemesis. Denise is my mom.
  6. Those screenshots we all keep when we're into a person. This was therapeutic.
  7. Still not Jeanette the nurse
  8. @joetro22 ... Again
  9. Christina knows me
  10. Speaks for itself
  11. My brother, during my graduation ceremony.
  12. Me photobombing. Ask me for the fun backstory about the person who posted this picture
  13. Denise crushing dreams
  14. Aaaaand more Bachelorette talk with Denise