Inspired by @danrobert - I tend to delete a lot of them but this has so much potential
  1. Freaking out about my cousin meeting a few of the Blueshirts
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  2. Nick is the nicest person ever. Also I miss him a lot. This was from our summer living together in the city and it was amazing and I want it back.
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  4. Also @joetro22 with an appearance by @ShaShaDilts - the top of the text was from joe "I feel like posting this saying, 'I hope your 21st is better than this one'" referring to a horrible birthday party we all attended. Still unclear on his name.
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  5. One of my most proud screenshots
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  6. Denise's arch nemesis. Denise is my mom.
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  7. Those screenshots we all keep when we're into a person. This was therapeutic.
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  8. Still not Jeanette the nurse
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  9. @joetro22 ... Again
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  10. Christina knows me
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  11. Speaks for itself
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  12. My brother, during my graduation ceremony.
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  13. Me photobombing. Ask me for the fun backstory about the person who posted this picture
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  14. Denise crushing dreams
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  15. Aaaaand more Bachelorette talk with Denise
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