A conversation that started with one of my best friends who I miss terribly now that we're not living together and enjoying these little things in person. Contribute!
  1. Shopping during sales
    At Khol's! Discounts on discounts. This is what she is looking forward to today.
  2. Finding Starbucks gift cards
    $60 worth actually
  3. Finding them a second time and realizing you still haven't used them
  4. Filling a notebook cover to cover
  5. Buying a new notebook
  6. Starting the new notebook!
  7. Adding a new bracelet to your daily collection and discovering the new sound your wrist makes
  8. Not caring about what you look like in the morning
    She got deep. (Or at least I thought. I've come to realize her makeup is still on from the night before)
  9. Casually walking around with an entire package of Chips Ahoy cookies
    I can't speak from experience but I just saw someone do this and it's going right on my to-do list