@ShaShaDilts and I are visiting our bff @joetro22 in N A S H soon! Here's our list of demands (among the other wonderful adventures Joe has planned for us) Suggest things!!
  1. Kiss a Nashville boy
  2. Line dance💃🏻
  3. Line dance AND kiss a Nashville boy
  4. Eat hot chicken
  5. Spontaneously interact with a country singer
  6. Eat biscuits
  7. Take a lot of dramatic pictures
  8. Pretend to pass at southerners
    Ignore the NY/NJ accents
  9. Do shots with ~the band~
    Whatever cover band it may be
  10. Get a pair of boots
    Or just try them on and weep at the price tag
  11. Eat more hot chicken
  12. Forget the meaning of sober
  13. Emotionally discuss our friendship, ideally in some picturesque place
  14. Help Joe find love
  15. Consider long distance relationships with southern men
  16. Pretend to be Shania Twain
    Man, I feel like a woman