I spent a good hour and half a bottle of wine trying to determine this one
  1. That television actor
  2. No, movie actor. With curly black hair.
  3. It starts with a J
  4. James Marsden?
  5. Jason Biggs with long hair?
  6. Former American Idol David Cook?
    This was my mom's suggestion. It fit none of my descriptions.
  7. It's definitely Josh something.
  8. I'm going to look up young Hollywood actors
    I searched maybe 8 different lists and couldn't match the picture in my head.
  9. I give up. This is too emotional for me.
  10. Okay one more list
    My final hope. No not Leo....not Brad Pitt...not Matt Damon...
  11. PAUL RUDD!!!
    It was Paul Rudd