I got sucked in. Your judgment is unappreciated, but expected and accepted.
  1. Reluctance
    I've been watching this season for the past few weeks (okay maybe the whole season) and every Monday at 8 I still ask myself, "do I REALLY need to watch this? Does it REALLY need to be 2 hours?" No and no.
  2. Drama-induced interest
    They start the show off with drama and I'm hooked. Today it was Ian calling her out for being the girl who wanted her field plowed by Chris last season. You try to turn that shit off.
  3. Acceptance
    "You just want to make out with dudes on TV" I'm hooked.
  4. Anger
    Because I really really really don't like her.
  5. Jealousy
    Because I really really really want to make out with some of these guys myself
  6. Self-loathing
  7. More jealousy
    I mean have you SEEN Ben Z and Ben H? COME ON.
  8. Sadness...
    ...for the guys. Not because they're getting their hearts broken, but because many of them are pathetic.
  9. Realization
    That it's 9pm, I'm halfway through the show, the commercials show people yelling and in tears and there's no stopping me now.