My older brother lives in Virginia, but this weekend, he's back in good old Freehold.
  1. Yay! Matthew's here!
    The initial excitement.
  2. Yay...Sports Center is on...all day...
    The comedown.
  3. We should rediscover our hometown as adults!
    Or just go get some bagels.
  4. How do all these little hair bits get in the sink? And why do you have to shave so much??
  5. Why are there two orange toothbrushes?
  6. What is so difficult about putting the seat down?
    Yeah, having to share a bathroom again is definitely on the "CON" side of the pro/con chart.
    Me in the middle of the night when I hear a noise from across the hall and momentarily forget he's here.
  8. We're fun drunks!
    He was home for our cousin's wedding. Open bar = yes.
  9. It's 10am. Let's watch Anchorman.
    Followed by: a. How are we awake right now, and b. How are we not hungover?
  10. Don't leave me!
    Because everyone needs someone who just gets them, and I'm lucky that person is you. Also now I'm stuck with my parents without a buffer. So thanks.