1. 1.
    Self love is so important
    there will be days you can't get out of bed, there will be days when all you want to do is drink coffee and chain smoke until you can't breathe. love yourself for all that you are, stop letting the idea of failure control your life
  2. 2.
    your needs aren't embarrassing
    if you need attention and validation to feel like you're a real person I say go for it because one day you won't need that anymore and you won't even realize that it was such a necessity to you until you no longer are striving for it
  3. 3.
    asking for help doesn't make you weak
    pLEase PLEASE just ask for help don't be like me and just assume you can handle everything on your own bc one day you'll end up crying in a hospital bed wondering why you didn't just ask someone for help
  4. 4.
    your past doesn't define you
    Honestly if my past defined my future id probably be living in a dumpster currently like we all do things we don't want to broadcast to the world we've all dated that one person who destroyed our concept of self we've all had those days when everything went wrong but those moments aren't the defining ones. people change and if we held onto what we used to be we will never get where we want to go
  5. 5.
    when you hate yourself everyone appears to love you
    "your only as sick as your secrets" and lemme tell ya no one really wants to hear about everything bad that's ever happened to you. No one wants to hear how great you were at being sick, let go of those stories. The longer you hold onto your sickness and secrets, the longer you will be suffering
  6. 6.
    Let things go
    we're all works in progress. we'll get where we need to be one day