I closed my eyes, scrolled, and selected rando photos from my camera roll. Pls look at these and enjoy.
  1. HOW DID I LAND ON THIS ONE???? I screenshot this from snapchat. This is @annafiedler suitemate who is flawless and this photo made me cry from laughter. Idk the context but I'm satisfied. Who is this lad and what are her deepest darkest secrets bc I would like to know. Also, where did she find those teeth?? Sign me up for a pair
  2. HA THIS ONE IS A SCREAM! this is apparently @annafiedler (twice in a row wow) being smashed against the seat or something. This was taken during our trip to Glenwood springs and it was a great time.
  3. this just really describes my emotions at all times
  4. this is Luke and he stood behind me at 1 am until I took this thug photo. Luke is quite the hottie, even though that is not evident in this photo.
  5. This was taken at my graduation party. Deb Ann is strangling a mischievous Brandon, as seen on the right.
  6. omg this is Chief. This self-identified "Chief" is a mysterious entity at CSU who my friends and I worship. Here, he is leading a random seance for his followers in a field. He's been spotted meditating over a candle while surrounded by a circle of leaves, doing a ritual with his cup before drinking out of it, karaoking alone in a huge room, etc...
  7. Awe it's a picture of when me and my adorable Ramily took a spontaneous roadtrip to Utah. Reason 372920 why I love college :-)
  8. This is Ben. There isn't much of an explanation for this picture.
  9. why do I have so many pictures of Ben on my phone ??? I'm concerned
  10. I have a collection of photos of cars with weird license plates ok
  11. that's it folks I hope my weird ass camera roll of photos brought you a little bit of joy