Requested by Amie


Small Liberal Arts College Class of 2016. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
  1. Best: No longer being anxious about FDOC because you've got an A1 squad...and they're in all of your classes.
  2. Worst: Still having to introduce yourself and say three fun facts because you obviously don't know enough about each other after four years.
  3. Best: You survived Hell Year. You can do anything.
  4. Worst: Hearing the junior class bitch about Hell Year. You don't remember being that bitchy last year.
  5. Best: Senior year events, AKA the only time you will ever pay $5 for a glass of shitty Chardonnay. Do it for the snap story.
  6. Worst: Nearly everyone you know is engaged/in a relationship with "the one." You and your other single friends form a Bachelorette Alliance and dare each other to break it.
  7. Best: Professors start taking great interest in Your Life Plans. They recommend you for jobs/graduate programs and you suddenly feel like you're The Chosen One.
  8. Worst: Professors start taking great interest in Your Life Plans. They corner you every chance they get for an update on said Plans and explode at the mention of the Cardinal Sin: Taking a Gap Year.
  9. Best: You've already taken most of your graduation requirements and now you have to find classes to fill your schedule. Underwater basket weaving? Sounds great!
  10. Worst: You now have more free time on your hands than you've had in the past three years combined. You have this constant nagging feeling that there's something you should be doing, but you can't remember what it is.
  11. Best: Your Supplemental Instruction job gives you street cred with the freshmen, who you lovingly dub your "minons." They look at you like you're the best thing since sliced bread because you actually understand what the professor is talking about in class. And can translate it.
  12. Worst: Said minions are usually at the forefront of the TELL US YOUR LIFE PLANS Angry Mob. All you want to do is teach them science. All they want to do is to hear your Life Story.
  13. Best: Coming up with new and inventive ways to dodge the question "So what are you doing after graduation?"
  15. Best: Knowing that even though you and your friends might not have it all figured out just yet, you'll all get there in your own time. Graduation is still off in the distance and you've got more memories to make. Bring on the cheap wine!