It's been a hot minute, y'all!
  1. I moved!
    At the end of May I left the only home I'd ever known and skipped on over to Nashville. More lists about that are to come, for sure.
  2. I started working as a Research Assistant at Fisk University
    Research Assistant = reader of literature and textbooks
  3. I started grad school
    ...which explains why I'm back on TLA - another fantastic way to procrastinate
  4. I binge watched (and then binge read) the first two seasons/books of Outlander
    Mixed feels on this one. On the one hand, the scenery is 😍
  5. buuuttttt
    on the other hand there's a lot of rape and violence and other despicable things
  6. I discovered the absolutely BRILLIANT genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda/Hamilton
    And was bummed af for taking so damn long to join the Hamilparty
  7. Related note: one of my dance friends made this kickass choreo/vid to 'Guns and Ships'
    LMM & Daveed shared it bc it's that amazing
  8. I went to a movie with a guy and he just sat there and played Pokemon go
    Yep, he got ghosted.
  9. I realized that I can get drunk AF and not get a hangover.
    I went out with friends a few weeks ago. Last thing I remembered was attempting to lock my door after they dropped me back home. I woke up in my birthday suit in my bed at 5am, without even the slightest headache.
  10. I did a damn good job at adulting
    Paying bills, cooking for myself, fixing shit like a true BAMF
  11. ...until a HUGE MUTANT ALIEN ROACH waltzed into my kitchen last week
    So much for being a strong independent woman who don't need no man